The Dog’s from Another World…

The Amazing Adventures of Captain Bootsie Bear and His Fearless Crew 

 Judith Shahverdian 

          The Amazing Adventures of Captain Bootsie Bear and His Fearless Crew is a multimedia children’s adventure into the world of Judith Shaverdian and her adorably clever time-traveling pooches.  Shahverdian in her debut work leads you on a romping journey to planet Earth with Bootsie, Tank, Ralph, and the irresistibly sweet Baby Girl.  Visually rich and graphically designed with a child’s imagination in mind, this e-book is nothing but fun!

                Captain Bootsie and his sibling crewmembers are recent graduates of a prestigious inter-galactic training academy. As top finishers of their program, they have been honored by earning their first plum assignment involving time travel to Earth. Upon arrival they explore the flora and fauna of our planet, taking the reader along for a unique experience of experiencing Earth through the eyes of these 20 pound furry explorers.  Powered by their sense of adventure and led by their stoic leader Captain Bootsie Bear, this fearless foursome plunge into their new world, restrained only by their need for power naps and a full belly! Never preaching, always teaching, these darling black fuzz covered space travelers carry a message that all future generations caring for our planet should read. We are the caretakers and better “get it together” soon or as Ralph says, “Nowhere else can you get a gift like this. What you do today affects tomorrow.”

          The author, Judith Shaverdian, is a former physician who dedicates her time to her passion of children with special needs.  She has a unique voice and perspective that comes through in her writing.  Stimulating, fun, and refreshing in its simplicity, The Amazing Adventures of Captain Bootsie Bear and His Fearless Crew is a good read for any child as well as those who still wish we were a child!


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