Living with Abundance – Philip Harris’ Newest Book Messages II: an Era of Transformation

Messages II: An Era of Transformation

Philip F. Harris

Avatar Publications

ISBN: 978-1-897455-04-3 

Messages II: An Era of Transformation is a compilation of interviews conducted by author Philip Harris in his exploration of spiritually based themes and controversies facing today’s society.  Harris, a noted authority in the areas of secret societies and religious mysticism, has created an introductory body of work that explores personal transformation, healing and the law of attraction. The casual format of his interviews reveals each guru’s message of hope and healing for a world struggling to cope with the spiritual evolution of man.

Harris delivers a rich discussion exploring the current grassroots movements of mystics and healers who are actively delivering their messages of hope and pleas for healing a society in the throes of transformation. Messages II: An Era of Transformation is the first in a series on religion, spirituality, and offers much insight into the state of humanity.  Interviews range from authors, publishers, and academics recognized in the field of spiritual evolution and provide insight issues facing today’s society.

Messages II: An Era of Transformation contains a powerful message about our culture and our society’s current evolution. Harris’ latest work is not just an expose on that is wrong in our society, rather it is creates a thought provoking dialogue on how we can make it “right” again.  Messages II: An Era of Transformation is not about saving mankind rather it is about revealing the negative influences on our personal lives that keep our culture mired in ignorance.

German poet and natural philosopher Johann Goethe wrote, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” Harris’s work is such a breath of fresh air in the genre of empowerment and spiritual exploration. He provides a thorough, specifically focused examination of how each of us has the ability to impact the world around us if we only search within ourselves. In his book, Messages II: An Era of Transformation, Harris points his reader to the realization that everything one needs to find Truth is found within each of us. One need not travel far, seeking out gurus, ashrams, and special retreat centers. How refreshing to know that the heart of the transformational journey is found inside ourselves.  As seekers of the truth, we can only reach an understanding of our own inner self through silence, solitude, and reflection.  Harris’s work makes the reader sit up, take notice, and seek to live with a soulful purpose that guides each of us to live in ways that bring fulfillment and happiness.


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