Featuring the Book by Best Selling Author and Speaker Patrick Snow

Creating Your Own Destiny How to Get Exactly What You Want Out of Life

Patrick Snow


Aviva Publishing

Isbn: 1-890427-97-7           

Creating Your Own Destiny is an insightful “how to” guide full of keys to help you take charge of your own destiny. It is touted as the definitive guide to “…more health, more love, more happiness, and more freedom to do what you want.”  Patrick Snow has created an easy to follow roadmap to success for high achievers to start living their lives with intention, direction, and success.           

Snow, a highly successful speaker, coach and entrepreneur, has crafted this book around the experiences and observations of his own personal growth and development as a business owner. Based on the premise that there has to be a healthy balance between work, family, and personal life, Snow has produced a work that can be used as a compass for others to follow.  The straight from the hip advice he shares is easy to follow and implement on a daily basis. The exercises in the book help the reader to finally articulate what they want for their own personal destiny and then to visualize their dreams in terms of how to make them achievable.            

Creating Your Own Destiny teaches the reader how to set big goals that are not only measurable but serve as a way to provide clarity and direction for their life.  Realization of goals, according to Snow, “gives you a sense of satisfaction and a stronger belief that you can meet your other goals.” The book stresses the importance of goal setting so the reader has a crystal clear image of where they want to go and what they really want out of life.           

The cornerstone of the plan set forth in Creating Your Own Destiny is there must be a good balance between family, faith, wealth, and health.  Through careful introspection and active participation in the reflective exercises, this book guides the reader to dream, plan, set goals, and craft some of the financial and motivational groundwork that will help them take charge of their life and chart their own destiny.  This book assists the reader in developing their own personal road map for successfully attaining those goals and to ultimately achieve their destiny with triumph.            

Through stories, quotes and a unique approach to the topic of motivation and success, Snow has managed to create a winning formula for producing and executing a winning plan for personal fulfillment. This book offers powerful methods to help the reader dream big, really, really big and then provides common sense techniques to guide making those dreams into reality.  


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