Rabbit’s Gift, An Allegory on Living Abundantly

Rabbit’s Gift

ISBN: 978-0-15-206073-2

George Shannon

Publication Date: Harcourt, Inc.  2007 

George Shannon’s Rabbit’s Gift, a modern retelling of the “giving” fable, is a treat for readers and listeners of all ages.  The spirit of the original story is cleverly revealed by the re-gifting of a turnip by a well-intentioned community of animals. The classic unfolding of the story of the self-less generosity of these forest friends is a special treat to be shared.  

Rabbit’s Gift is a wonderful parable of the power of giving. Through the eyes of the adorable forest creatures so wonderfully illustrated by Laura Dronzek, the audience sees that while he is not responsible for the happiness of others, one’s actions do deeply impact all those who come in contact with them.  

In Rabbit’s Gift, a new family tradition is born. The easy conversational writing style, the logical flow of the story, and the twist to the original story makes this book a new classic.  Shannon does a marvelous job of telling a complex story in simple language that is meant to be shared.  

Rabbit’s Gift is the perfect gift; to share this book with the little listener is to give the gift of one’s time. George Shannon has created a rich allegory that redefines the importance of giving to a whole new generation of readers and listeners. Rabbit’s Gift, is that rare special treat that simply must be savored and shared.

Shannon Evans, senior editor of http://www.mywritingmentor.com lives with her best friend Rick on Bainbridge Island in the Puget Sound just a “ferry ride from Seattle.” She works at her desk with her two Labrador virtual assistants, Mocha and Luke, and her feline copywriting assistants, Caesar and Yoda. She is widely recognized as one of the top writing coaches to authors of non-fiction. Shannon has over 17 years in the academic world teaching English composition to native and non-native speaking students.


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