Young Author’s First Adventure in Self-Publishing

Title: Destiny of the Sword

Author: Jeremy Twigg

Publisher: Publish America

Date: 2007

ISBN: 1-4241-7747-2                                                                                    

Destiny of the Sword, by Jeremy Twigg, is a first installment medieval saga with a twist of fantasy.  The ageless theme of good versus evil emerges as the story of a war ravaged kingdom turned peaceful realm unfolds.  Twigg cleverly reveals enough of the early savage history of the kingdom’s early history to tempt the reader to read hungrily to the story’s brutal conclusion.

Ayden, a young orphaned hunter, is fetched from his high mountain village with his mentor Gavin by the king’s emissaries, The Guardians of Featherbrook City. The Guardians are surprised by the resistance the young man presents to the king’s orders. With his mentor’s urging, he grudgingly follows the Guardians over the mountain passes back to the city to meet with King Voss. Aeron, Captain of the Guardians and the King’s son, becomes Ayden’s friend and confidant in the early days of his arrival to the fairy tale castle and city.  Ayden’s is introduced to the sights, sounds, and people of the now peaceful, prosperous city. He discovers the city’s favorite pastime is Starblade, a gladiator type event for highly skilled sword fighters. Ayden vows to take part and soon. 

He gets his chance after Aeron witnesses a practice sparring match between Gavin and Ayden. Ayden enters the Starblade event expecting to fight a no-name opponent. To his surprise he meets his nemesis Devin, a rather egotistical and narcissistic man.  Upon winning his match, Ayden is an overnight hero in the City of Featherbrook. He is given a position with the Guardians at about the same time the city is preparing for attack from an unseen enemy digging in on the outskirts of the kingdom.  The Milaks led by their evil queen in conjunction with the former King Silas of Featherbrook City have amassed a formidable army and are preparing to overrun the kingdom and depose the present king.  Locked in battle, the city’s army is brutally outnumbered and is forced to retreat within the city’s gated walls. 

Will the Guardian’s be able to hold the gate? What is the destiny of the young warrior Ayden? The author leaves the reader hanging, waiting for the sequel to this entertaining epic.  The story while engaging leaves the reader wanting to know more about all the characters. The love scenes are short but sweet, and the battle scenes are clearly and graphically detailed. Where the author leaves the readers hanging in the end is similar to the feeling of reeling in a big fish and right when you know you will be able to scoop it in the net, the darn thing drops off your line. Deflated over the disappointment, you cast again looking for more.  Twigg’s ending to Destiny of the Sword is much the same, teasing, tantalizing, and leaving the reader wanting more in the next installment of this saga.


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