Breast Cancer – Prevention at a Party?

Hanging Out with Lab Coats has me in a reflective mood today. I read the endorsements again today looking for a topic suitable to discuss in my blog about her book. Something she said about hats and scarves and son screen made me think of some Komen events I have attended and participated in over the years.

I attended a Dragon Boat Race in the Seattle Metro area two years ago. I actually was there for the second year in a row and participated as a paddler. I even broke a thumb for the team…but that is another story.

The event is part of the Komen Race for the Cure activities and is a blast! There are some serious dragon boat racers and then there are the odd misfits like our gang of geeky engineers, programmers, and marketing folks representing a corporate team. Unfortunately, Microsoft was there too so they beat us in geekdom but we kicked their yellow dragon butts in the water. Great fun!

Our team was Calypso Medical, a group of scientists, engineers, physicists, and software folks who are building great things for helping doctors battle prostate cancer.  While munching on an apple I met this really cool, incredibly vibrant young couple and their three little ones. Heike Malakoff and her husband had on matching ball caps that sported outlines of breasts on a field of pink.  Man, these people were passionate about those hats. They were showing them to everyone with great pride. So…what was it about these hats?

Apparently, Heike was a young survivor of breast cancer and also the founder of a wonderful foundation called Check Your Boobies. They host parties in your house much like house wares or candle parties but with a twist! They teach breast self-exam to you and your friends around your wine and your canapes!

Really! If you live in the Seattle area they will send trained professional volunteers to your women’s group, your sorority, or your book club to teach you how to perform this life saving technique.  So break out those cabernets and chardonnays. Slice some cheese and break out the bean dip…it is time to get in the Boobie Party mood.

Now…if Heike will just write a book that I can review and host on this site…


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  2. Posted by iamnasra on February 6, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    This is really good. Im not sure if this will help you ..I just got my book published on women with breast cancer in Tanzania and their voice beating up cancer .. Brave Faces: The Daring Stand Against Cancer ..available in

    Info about it is on

    Nasra Al Adawi


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