What are the Signs that the Elderly Need Assisted Living

Do you have a stubborn independent senior in your life? Are they starting to “go downhill” and you worry about their health, safety, and security? If your parent or loved one has always been subborn or demanding, do’t expect them to change now. So how do you know it is time to get help or move them into assisted living?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are they becoming more forgetful?
  • Do they miss medications or double the dosage because they can’t remember if they took it already?
  • Do they forget to eat or make meals that are not nutritious?
  • Do they forget to trun off the stove?
  • Is their vision failing and they have had minor traffic accidents as a result recently?

There are no clear warning signs but aging and memory loss often go together. If a person’s level of function begins to decline, it is time to see your physician. Getting care and treatment for dementia related issues as soon as possible is critical for the well-being of the patient.

Making the best decisions for you and the elder in your care is a difficult process. According to Carol O’Dell of Mothering Mother, informed decisions give dignity to the elder and remove some of the stress on the caregivers. Easing the frustrations will make the transition better for everyone.


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