Prostate Cancer – Are there Non-Surgical Treatment Options?

Prostate cancer is not the most aggressive form of cancer to affect men; however, a diagnosis is still serious. A prostatectomy is a very invasive form of surgery as the prostate is buried deep within the body trunk in a nerve and organ critical area. Surgery can leave a man incontinent and impotent permanently. Yikes!

So what are the patient’s alternatives? While only you and your oncologist can decide what is best for your individual treatment plan, you can arm yourself with information. Robert Marckini, author of You Can Beat Prostate Cancer and You Don’t Need Surgery to Do It, advocates finding the treatment option that is appropriate for the stage of your cancer but not the wholesale idea of removal.

There are multiple alternatives to surgery out there: cryosurgery, radiation treatment, chemotherapy, biologic therapy, hormone therapy, ultrasound, and proton beam therapy. Many forward thinking oncologists will recommend a combination of treatments to treat specific stages of prostate cancer.

Marckini’s book presents excellent discussions of each type of treatment in laymen’s terms that clearly and articulately helps you in the information gathering process. Be informed, be armed, take a deep breath and make the decision that is best for you and your survival.


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