Plan While You Still Can – 16 End-of-Life Checklists You Need Now

Plan While You Still Can – 16 End-of-Life Checklists You Need Now
Donald M. Burrows
Aviva Publishing – 2007
ISBN: 978-1-890427-90-0

Plan While You Still Can- 16 End of Life Checklist You Need Now is a clear-cut, easy to follow resource guide for caregivers, professionals, and families navigating the maze of end of life issues.  The topics and checklists covered help readers to develop an awareness of their own mortality as well as to enable them to help the frail members of their family or community to meet death with grace and clarity.  This inspiring book gives unparalleled insight into the intricate challenges of estate planning, long-term care and end of life issues.

Facing the approaching end of life needs of his own parents and his in-laws, Burrows slogged through the process without the benefit of any guidebooks or resources. As he went through the process not once, not twice, but five times he wished for checklists for smoothing the process. As he went through the hoops over and over Burrows knew there had to be a better way to face this time and tackle each related problem and issue.

Once he made up his mind to write this book he refined his processes and began to create more checklists to help him and others deal with the herculean task of planning in smaller, more manageable chunks. Soon he had a straightforward, well developed plan for each stage of end-of-life decision making. He began to share it with others close to him who were helping their own family members.

Coping with the impending loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult challenges a family faces. One of the greatest lessons put forth so poignantly in Plan While You Still Can is to create dialogue before the situation has reached crisis level. Decide what is important at the end of your life and put it in writing so that it clearly communicates your wishes with your family or a designated care giver.

As America’s baby boomers continue to age and transition into this final phase in their lives, they and their families will have to learn to respond and adapt to the changes. Plan While You Still Can is an excellent resource to start that dialogue and help give perspective to those involved in managing the process.


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