Residential Care for the Elderly

There are many options available for consideration when seeking residential housing for you elderly love one. While the options are great, waiting until the last minute in an emergency situation creates a less than optimal search. The time to start looking for a retirement home is before the need is urgent.

According to Plan While You Still Can, 16 End of Life Checklists You Need Now, there are many financial and care related questions you need to analyze prior to beginning your search. Is your parent coverd under Medicare or Medicaid? Do they have private or supplemental insurance? How does that insurance handle skilled or extra nursing costs in a care facility?

Perhaps more important is to know that the facility is licensed, bonded or accredited. What state agency overseas the facility?  These are many questions that should be readily answered by the administrative staff at the facility. Other questions to ask are about staff turnover rate, continuing education of staff, frequency of inspections, etc.

According to Don Burrows, author of Plan While You Still Can, did your elderly love one think they could be happy living in that facility? Would you be happy knowing your parent was living there?

Hard questions have to be asked. The end of life issues are too important to leave up to chance.


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