Achieving Unlimited Success – Book Review

Title: Achieving Unlimited Success

Author: Dennis A. Kelley

Publisher: Aviva Publishing

Date: 2008

Price: 19.95

Why isn’t your business everything you thought it would be? Why does something  always seems to be in the way of you achieving your dreams? Are you self-sabotaging and getting in the way of your own success? Dennis Kelly’s first book, Achieving Unlimited Success, explores how people who fail to understand their own self-limiting mindset and self-limiting beliefs are holding themselves back.  Achieving Unlimited Success helps uncover what is holding each of us back personally and professionally.  It then guides the reader through the steps for making a deliberate plan to achieve their dreams.

Part story collection, part instruction, and part personal discovery, Kelly’s book is a well written book that actually demonstrates how to live your life without limits.  Using positive thoughts to achieve success this book instructs even the most casual reader on the power of learning to identify what one truly wants in life.  This book can be that guide book the entrepreneur has been seeking to help establish the practices and habits needed to keep moving toward that vision of success.

Achieving Unlimited Success prompts the reader to really assess where they are currently in their life and their relationship with others and then to make a specific plan to get where you want to be.  Living the life of your dreams is not just a possibility if you dare to dream, according to Kelley. He goes further to address that if you don’t “go big” with your dreams you might as well “go home.”  Self-limiting dreams and aspirations often get in the way of personal and professional success. 

Creating the vision of the outcomes you expect is a key element presented by author Dennis Kelley.  His own work as a professional business coach has illustrated that lifelong learning is the key to success along with commitment to change. This innovative book encourages focused perseverance and commanding the life choices that promote growth and change.  Entrepreneurs and business professionals will find this book a no-nonsense approach for Achieving Unlimited Success.


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