15 Words to Remove From Your Vocabulary

Writing requires the use of imaginative language to draw in the reader. Trite and overused words only serve to alienate your audience. Remove the following words from your vocabulary. Authors, speakers, and media have made them boring and tired from overuse. Consider them banished from this point on in your writing and speaking!

·         Very

·         Beautiful

·         Astounding

·         Perfect storm

·         Tightly integrated

·         Organic

·         Fix

·         Sustainable

·         Cutting edge

·         Proactive

·         Mission critical

·         Synergy, synergistic

·         Turnkey

·         Scalable, scalability

·         Solution – under threat of peril, do NOT use this word in your writing unless you are a chemistry teacher!


Now get out there and write something! Keep in mind every word counts.


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