Editing … Scmediting

Good writing, even the best writing requires editing. Whether you are writing ad copy, a book, or a white paper for your business editing is critical to the success of your work. It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to properly edit your own work – isn’t that why we hire a professional to do it? There are few things you can do to self-edit and help cut down the cost of your editing budget for your next project.

The most common writing mistakes authors make are:

  • Repetition
  • Poor content organization
  • Repetition
  • Extra spacing
  • Repetition

The most common mistake is repeating the same event or fact over and over and over… throughout the manuscript. Essentially the author is beating a dead horse! Nothing turns off a potential client more than taxidermy projects in the lobby. Editing what goes before your client base or your potential customers is a critical step in the process.

Lack of organization and repetition usually happens when the author concentrates on grammar and fails to examine the document for cohesiveness as a whole. Have you ever had to sit down and listen to your dad go on and on with his old army stories and felt that he would never get to the point before you lost your sanity? A paper with content that is redundant or disorganized is like following one of dear old dad’s rambling narrations.

Repetition as a technique has its place in writing when done effectively. The key is making sure the flow is not disrupted for the entire work and that the repetition has a point. The trick is writing the entire piece so that it moves at a reasonable pace and making the reader stay engaged.


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