Chicken Scratches – Poultry Poetry and Rooster Rhymes

Latest Read-Aloud from George Shannon and Lynn Brunelle

T itle: Chicken Scratches-Poultry Poetry and Rooster Rhymes

Authors: George Shannon and Lynn Brunelle

Illustrations: Scott Menchin

Date: 2010

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Bainbridge Island authors have done it again! George Shannon and Lynn Brunelle have created a hilarious look at some fowl fellas and hinky hens who have some good clean fun in around the pages of this book. From Helga the Hen to Hula Zelda, these chica chickens will have you cracking up poem after poem.

Scott Menchin’s artwork is devilishly irreverent and will have the most stoic of child and adult alike turning the page to find out what ridiculous outfit the little cluckers will be wearing next! Cute, cheeky, and chortling fun this book is guaranteed to bring out the pre-school giggles in anyone!

George Shannon has authored many children’s books and knows the genre well. He plays to his strengths with the lilting tweaks of the language he is famous for in books like Dance Away, April Showers, and Tippy Toe, Chick Go! Lynn Brunelle, award winning writer for Bill Nye the Science Guy, brings her vast experience with teaching and working with eager young scientists and eye for art to the book. Two great writers who obviously work great together!

This book will work great in any poetry unit, farm lessons, or just because you want a great read-aloud at circle time book. Soon to be a favorite with children and those who read to them…Chicken Scratches is high on my list of gifts to give little ones this year! This book will make you cackle with your clutch. I guarantee it!


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