Dancing Feet – Delightful New Children’s Book from Bainbridge Island Author Lindsey Craig

Happy Feet

itle: Dancing Feet

Author: Lindsey Craig

Illustrations: Marc Brown

Publisher: Knopf

Date: 2010

Price: 16.99

Lyrical language that make you tap your toes and textured prints that leap off the pages of Dancing Feet greet you from the first page to the last! This fun, vibrant children’s read-aloud book is perfect for reading to any little one on your list. This is sure to be a classroom favorite as the words and pictures are filled with fun silly rhymes and nonsensical words that just have a terrific beat to them.

Full disclosure is a must so I should note that Lindsey Craig is my neighbor and friend; however, I must add that as an educator, parent, and grandparent I still find this book charming! The musical qualities of the text will delight any child. I really can’t wait to run over, get the book signed, box it up and send it off to a little one learning to love books.

Marc Brown, author and illustrator of Born to Read and Arthur fame, has been teamed with Lindsey to create this colorfully presented book. Knopf paired them in a winning combo on this book.

A good read, perfectly paced, and wonderfully illustrated, Dancing Feet is the perfect addition to any little one’s bookshelf. Preschool educators will want to grab this book and start making it an integral part of circle time and language center lessons. What a darling treasure to start summer reading with your community library! Dancing Feet will get your little ones moving and your hands snapping to the be-bop beat of a good book.


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