New LinkedIn Profile Book – Rock the World with your Online Presence

Title: Rock the World with your Online Presence

Author: Mike O’Neil

Date: 2009

Price: 19.95

If you have (or need) a LinkedIn profile and are not really sure what to do with it, Rock the World is a terrific guide to get you started and help you through all the twists and turns of building a solid professional presence there. Mike O’Neil, president and founder of Integrated Alliances, takes his in-depth knowledge as a LinkedIn authority and trainer and has distilled it into bite-size chunks that you can implement with your own LinkedIn profile.

His insider guidance is clear, easy to follow, and straight-forward; however, the rock and roll theme does get in the way at times. The cartoons are fun and often thought provoking as you move through the sections of the book building your profile.  The directions are thorough and easy to follow in most places with ample screen captures from corresponding LinkedIn pages. It will be interesting to see if going forward O’Neil goes into more of the theoretical “why” you should do or not do certain things on LinkedIn. As LinkedIn is a “living” social network that is growing and changing, it is presumed that this book will have new editions periodically.

O’Neil’s professional level of knowledge of LinkedIn and the business world is clearly evident in this book. If you are in the job hunt, need business leads, or just want to know how to maximize and manage your professional presence on the web, this is the book to buy!


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