Story Structure Architect – A Great Resource for Fiction Writing

Title: Story Structure Architect

Author: Victoria Lynn Schmidt, Ph.D.

Publisher: Writer’s Digest Books

Date: 2005

Price: 19.99

As an author, writing mentor, and developmental editor this book is an invaluable resource. Story Structure ¬†Architect is a handy reference guide to building drama into any work and for understanding the ins and out of creating compelling characters. Classically trained (ie: MFA’s, English Majors, etc) are taught how to identify classic story motifs but the weaving of them into original stories that move the plot along can elude the best of writers at times!

Schmidt’s book helps the novice and expert alike at moving their stories from plodding scenes to scenes that engage and motivate the reader to keep moving through page after page of a good book. Conflict, subplot development, and dramatic situation analysis and design are all covered in this handy writing reference. Easy to navigate, chock full of handy tips and help, ¬†Story Structure Architect should be on every serious writer’s shelf. A great investment for your career, this book belongs right next to your laptop!


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