Susan Wiggs – Snowfall at Willow Lake

Title: Snowfall At Willow Lake – Lakeshore Chronicles Book 4
Publisher: MIRA Books
Date: Febrary 2008

It is overcast and cool at the beach and a good romance novel is on the menu for this morning. A Bainbridge Island author Susan Wiggs novel is just the ticket. Wiggs’ Bellamy family is just like any other in America; divorced parents juggling career and children…oh and middle aged mom’s yummy boyfriend who is a veteranarian and a wee bit younger than you. And did I mention that mom works in the world court and becomes the victim of an international ‘situation’ at the Hague and escapes her captors in a violent car chase scene?

Not your standard bodice ripper – as a matter of fact, no bodices are ripped, torn, or spindled in this novel- Wiggs has crafted a good beach read. The characters do “it” but we are not voyeurs of anything but the afterglow and fallout of conflict caused by the deepening relationships. The ending is a bit plunked on and hurried but the build up is good, not always predictable, and keeps the reader hanging on for more! ┬áNot great literature, but who cares! We are in this for the escape.


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