Be Different or Be Dead – Your Business Survival Guide By Roy Osing

Title: Be Different or Be Dead – Your Business Survival Guide

Author: Roy Osing

Publisher: Granville Island

Date: 2009

Be Different or Be Dead is a business marketing and management book that gives an in-depth look into the tricks of the trade of entrepreneurial pursuits. Osing does a terrific job of taking a dry subject and interjecting it with innovative ideas for implementing time tested relationship building techniques in any business or organization. The beginner and the battle hardened veteran will find nuggets of useful information in this book.

Today’s harsh economy has made it imperative that your business stands out and is different in a good way in the marketplace. To survive in this tight market, you must have a highly effective marketing strategy in place. Be Different of Be Dead provides solid information that is highly actionable by any organization regardless of the size and the marketing budget. These are not pie in the sky strategies put forth by a business theorist. The author has personally implemented each and every one in his own business. If you are seeking ways to have a competitive edge, this is a good book to invest some time in reading closely. ¬†Succinctly written and easy to read sections with specific actionable marketing tips make this book a good resource for business strategists and marketers alike.


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