A Review of The Way of the Toddler By Leta Hamilton

Title: The Way of the Toddler

Author: Leta Hamilton

Publisher: Halo Publishing

Date: 2010

Motherhood is not for wimps. Leta Hamilton is obviously no wimp; her self-deprecating, humorous approach to motherhood is a great read for moms, moms-to-be’s, and mom wanna-be’s. The Way of the Toddler is a stream of consciousness look into the incredible world toddler titans thrust us into as parents. Hamilton’s simple open approach to how zen-like and simple toddlers really are as well as explores how we are not alone in our quest to raise our little one’s through the terrible two’s and the turbulent tantrums of the three’s while maintaining our sanity.

The Way of the Toddler is a good place to seek our path through the mundane and the murky moments of motherhood. The darn critters did not come with an instruction book or care manual; perhaps this is the book missing from your bag of tricks as mom, martyr, and sometime martinet. Hamilton has written a wonderful book that celebrates the tiny beings we have in our lives and helps us find comfort in what we are doing right and a deeper peace in knowing that we all make mistakes and the little angels will turn out alright despite our parenting foibles.


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