Dingle The Helpful Ice Cream Cone Delivery Dog – Audrey Kinsella

Title: Dingle The Helpful Ice Cream Cone Delivery Dog

Author: Audrey Kinsella

Illustrator: Susan Anderson-Shorter

Publisher: Author House

Date: 2010

Dingle is a cute colorful book about Dingle a dog who wants to be an adaptive little helper.  His lovable face and clever idea make him the type of character that small children will love. The charming pictures and helper-related storyline makes this a good book for showing pre-schoolers that assistance to others in need takes many forms.

While the illustrations are darling, the mixture of bubble conversations with the repeated dialog lower on the page is a bit redundant and difficult to follow. Much of the story is bogged down in the over simplification of the story. This is further complicated by names that show relationships between people who are not introduced to the reader. For the emergent reader this might prove difficult to follow; however, a good story leader should be able to carry it off as a read-aloud to a younger audience.

Kinsella has a cute idea and a great illustrator that should help children see that ingenuity and a helping spirit can go a long way…even for a cute little dog!


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