Red Means Go By Carl Taylor

Title: Red Means Go

Author: Carl Taylor

Publisher: Kaizen Publishing

Date: 2010

Red Means Go! Secrets to Achieving a Happy, Effective and Successful Life with You in the Driver’s Seat is a plucky book about the techniques, skills and concepts you have at your fingertips to not just survive but to thrive. Taylor’s book provides the reader a deeper introspection on where they are at this point in their life and where they really want to be. Where this book stands apart from others is that it provides specific actionable things the reader can do to put themselves firmly in the driver’s seat of their life.

If you see life as an opportunity of continuous improvement then you are already embracing elements of the Kaizen principles.  Red Means Go can help you isolate and light the passion within you that helps you reach successfully for the objectives and goals you have set for yourself over and over and have never really been able to attain. Taylor takes an educator’s approach to learning and changing behaviors and applies the Kaizen principles in a simple to implement method to evoke changes that ultimately help the practitioner to break through the cycle of failure and frustration.

Red Means Go is a good book for those who tire of the philosophical self-help books and yearn for the more succinct cut and dried “how do I get there from here” method. If you are a ‘doer’ who is action oriented and are looking for a book that motivates and inspires you to follow through on your dreams, Carl Taylor’s book is the book for you!


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