Graceful Divorce Solutions by Marcy Jones

Graceful Divorce Solutions Marcy Jones Title: Graceful Divorce Solutions – A Comprehensive Guide to Saving You Time, Money, and Your Sanity

Author: M. Marcy Jones, J.D.

Publisher: Aviva

Date: 2010

Divorce is nothing more than the dissolution of a contract but has such tumultuous ramifications on so many levels. The word itself brings frightening visions to mind and in many cases can cause the knotting and twisting of one’s stomach and the gnashing of one’s teeth. According to Graceful Divorce Solutions author Marcy Jones, it doesn’t have to be this way!  Jones’ book takes the fear and uncertainty of the legal process and helps you focus on what you really need to do, what are your obligations, and how to do it gracefully and as detached from the drama of it all as possible.

Instead of hopping on the crazy-go-round of the destructive emotional side of divorce, Jones advocates the high road of amicable understanding and how to protect yourself, your children, and your financial future. Knowing your options and taking a step back and thinking about the future logically and as unemotionally as possible can be done.  Reliable information of the process and a good grip of what are logical and equitable outcomes is a key part of Jones’ book; her personal and professional knowledge of divorce provides keen insights and guidance on the process.  The conventional divorce process is broken, antiquated, and just not adequate for the lives of most families struggling through the divorce process. Graceful Divorce Solutions is a solid presentation of collaborative divorce and how to avoid litigation divorce.  Jones’ advocates a non-threatening, non-intimidating solution that allows both parties a way to remain whole  emotionally and financially. Jones does an excellent job of addressing the four forms of divorce (litigation, negotiation, collaborative, and mediation) and the times when one is preferred or necessary over the other.

Graceful Divorce Solutions is a solid guidebook for anyone contemplating the thorny road of divorce. It does bog down a bit in the voice of the author shifting from “you” to “I” to “we”; however, that does not detract from the solid advice contained within the book. Jones has done an admirable job of addressing all the phases of divorce and then provides compelling case examples to clearly illustrate for the reader what courses of action are available to them as they struggle though the process. Graceful Divorce Solutions is solidly worth the investment for your future free from a painfully destructive divorce. This book is worth paying full price!


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