Enhancing Your Life Now by Dr. Jeudi Boulom, DC

Title: Enhancing Your Life Now – Four Basic Principles to Achieving Wellness

Author: Dr. Jeudi Boulom, DC

Publisher: Aviva

Date: 2010

Enhancing Your Life Now is a potentially life changing book from a real in the trenches community health care provider who genuinely cares about the wellness of not only her patients but her community as well. Dr. Boulom’s four guiding principles in this book clearly illustrate the need for healthy eating as a means for achieving optimal health.

This book is a terrific resource for those plagued with health issues and frustrations and who are seeking additional information to help them make significant life changes that lead to wellness. What we eat is a huge part of what impacts our health. Toxins in our foods, unhealthy over-processed food, and lack of exercise are undermining the gains mankind has made in longevity. Childhood obesity, adult onset diabetes, heart disease, and cancers can all be traced to our food and the environmental influences they are grown in and around. Dr. Boulom’s book provides a frank look at our habits as humans, or over-processed foods, and the negative impact of both on the species.

The English Prover, “Don’t dig your grave with your knife and fork” is so appropriate for this generation of gluttonous consumers. If we don’t take charge of our diets, our food choices, our exercise, and our health, no one else will. It is up to us to act like informed consumers and begin to advocate for what is best for us as humans. Enhancing Your Life Now is  a terrific guidebook to help you get started.


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