Home Sweet Home Page by Carma Spence-Pothitt

Title: Home Sweet Home Page – The 5 Deadly Mistakes Authors, Speakers, And Coaches Make with their WebsitesAuthor PlatformHome Pages and How to Fix Them.

Author: Carma Spence-Pothitt

Date: 2009

Carma Spence Pothitt is an accomplished web designer who has a firm understanding of basic design principles. Couple that with her clear knowledge of search optimization techniques (SEO) and you have artistry and science aspiring for a successful mix that works together.  Home Sweet Home Page is an effective guidebook for building your website so that it acts to create your web presence and to continue building your audience over time. Home Sweet Home Page is chock full of lists, internet ideas, and other goodies to get even the most reticent website owner motivated.

This book takes you through the steps of website analysis and helps you identify the deadly mistakes many website designs make and then supports the reader through the entire correction process. Carma provides not only practical application of various web design principles but also gives you insight into how to isolate and identify the components of what will be most effective for your niche audience. Simple to follow directions, common sense reasoning, and professional advice, what more could you want in a landing page design book? If your business is represented on line, if you need a global presence or a professional platform to represent you and your work, then Home Sweet Home Page is a good book to add to your shelf.


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