Joseph’s Bones: A Collection of Stories by Ozzie Nogg

Joseph's Bones Book ReviewTitle: Joseph’s Bones – A Collection of Stories

Author: Ozzie Nogg

Publisher: Oznas Books

Date: 2010

Joseph’s Bones is a wonderful treasure chest of stories and tales to rummage through and relish. Ozzie Nogg, a masterful story teller has captured the essence of those whose memories she cherishes most and shares them with us, her audience, with the reverence ancestors and patriarchs deserve and with the love and gratitude of one who cherishes them dearly.Through the trials and tribulations of her childhood we meet Nogg’s Bubbie (grandmother), her younger brother, and her parents as they celebrate holidays and traditions held sacred in their family.

Joseph’s Bones will have you rolling on the floor laughing at her stories of family and their rather ordinary extraordinary lives. You will celebrate with Nogg’s family on the occasion of her Father’s 83rd birthday and the ceremony of a most unusual second Bar Mitzvah. Nogg, now a Bubbie herself, is leaving behind a valuable legacy for her children. Moses cared much for Joseph’s legacy carrying his bones out of Egypt back to the Promised Land, Nogg has done an excellent job of continuing the story teller gifts and sharing her family’s legacy with the next generation.  This is a book that is so charming that you will want to share it with close friends and family. It is easy to see why Joseph’s Bones was a Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Winner. Her Bubbie would be proud!


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