Write A Book in a Weekend by Donna Kozik

Title: Write a Book in a Weekend

Author: Donna Kozik

Date: 2009

Write a Book in a Weekend is a bit of a misnomer. It could be better titled Write an Ebook or Booklet in a weekend or How to Outline a Book in a Weekend. While the premise is enticing, the reality of authoring a full length book in a weekend is a bit daunting. Kozik’s book is a terrific resource for getting started or getting motivated to get the initial draft of a book done. Highly motivational, this book is a great jumping off point for the business person seeking a non-threatening easy to implement system for starting their first draft of a work that they can then use to exhibit their business expertise.

What I found lacking was more in the detailed in-depth elements of writing a book. I am guessing that Kozik covers the more difficult but seminal elements of creating a book like: establishing a goal for your intended reader, consider how the reader benefits from your content, what problems does your book solve and how do you introduce that to readers, how do you make your ‘voice’ connect with your reader,  the role organization plays in making or breaking a book, and how to show and not tell in a book.

Kozik’s book is a good place to go to break the ice on writing a book and gather ideas and strategies for your book. Full of great quotes and strategies for organizing your thoughts to narrow down your topic, this book is a useful exploratory on if writing a career related non-fiction book is for you.If you are an experienced writer and serious about writing a full-length (50,000 words or more) than this book is not advanced enough for your purposes.

Call Donna and explore her weekend class if you want to actually make your “book” happen. Her contact information is in the book and on her website. She does a great job motivating and inspiring the most reluctant author. Really.


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