Complications – A Doctor’s Love Story by Linda Gromko

Title: Complications – A Doctor’s Love Story

Author: Linda Gromko

Publisher: Bainbridge Books

Date: 2009

Complications - A Doctor's Love StoryBainbridge Island, WA is a bucolic Seattle commuter community. Tight knit groups form from years of ferry commutes, PTA committees, and summers spent crabbing and clamming on the tiny island’s shores. A perfect place to meet, fall in love, and raise a family little did the single mom of a grown son busy with her commuter life to her Queen Anne family practice ever think she would fall in love and raise a family again…Then she falls hard for Steve and his lovely young daughter Brita.

Love is complicated enough at middle age, adding a young child to the mix makes it a bit more delicate of a situation, but then toss in a new husband’s kidney disease and life gets really stick fast. Linda, a Board Certified Family Practice Physician, former nurse practitioner, mother, and wife tells her family’s story lovingly, poignantly, and through the knowing eyes of a doctor. Full of hope, commitment, and a love that shines through it all, this memoir is so compelling and filled with unique perspectives that it should be in the hands of every family, advocacy group, caregiver, and physician who works with patients with kidney disease.

Excellently written, Complications-A Doctor’s Love Story is a warm, heart-felt story of finding love and living life large despite the difficulties of a life-threatening disease.


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