A Heart Apart – A Customizable Book by Melissa Seligman and Christina Piper

Title: A Heart ApartA Heart Apart - The Perfect book for a child whose parent is deployed.

Author/Illustrator: Melissa Seligman and Christina Piper

Date: 2010

Military children have so little literature out there that illustrates the difficulties and sadness that goes with repeated deployments and TDY’s. Seligman and Piper have created an amazing picture book with A Heart Apart that is perfect for the military child whose parent must be away in service to the country. Told from the perspective of a service star, this darling book tells the story so familiar to our military families: painful goodbyes, the wonder of what a parent is doing while they are gone, whether they think about their family as often as those left behind think of them, and the all important always exciting reunion.

Told through personal photos provided by family members of both the child(ren) and the service member in and out of uniform as well as customized to the service branch, this book is an excellent tool for the military family.  Use this book over and over on those really long and especially taxing days of deployment for any small military child. They really are the smallest heroes of our military. If you have a ‘brat’ in your heart…they need A Heart Apart.


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