Call for Submissions

Announcing: Invitation for participation in Anthology Collection Publication

The Anthology of Published Professionals: A Collection of Authors Writing their way to a new level of Entrepreneurial Success

Editor/Author Shannon Evans is publishing an anthology of short (3000-5000 word) essays collected from entrepreneurs who have published a full length book that is a successful lead generating tool for promoting their business or professional services.  Author submissions must meet a careful screening criteria based on their book’s content, sales record, and continued promotion efforts.

Submission requirements:

  • 3000-5000 word essay explaining why author chose to publish their book, how author’s book helps position authority as expert in a particular field, how or if author uses book for lead generation, author’s personal observations of the writing, editing, publishing process
  • 250-300 word professional author bio to include professional URL
  • Commitment to meeting publishing deadlines
  • Double-space submissions, use Courier, Times New Roman or other easily readable 12 point type. Include title of your latest book, name, phone number, email on submission in an attachment in a Microsoft Word document, rich text file, or other editable digital format.

Please contact Shannon Evans at for answers to any anthology publishing questions.

Essay Application Deadline: September 15, 2010

Submission address:


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