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Nurse Vaccine By Justin Noble

Title: Nurse Vaccinejustin noble flu shot children's book

Author: Justin Noble

Illustrator: Ann Cannom

With the advent of flu season and the rush to get my flu shot I stumbled on this charming children’s book. Any parent who has struggled with a frighten pre-preschooler or kindergartner trying to get them to stand still long enough and stop their wailing and kicking long enough to get their flu shot will want this book.

The illustrations are simple and colorful and the dialogue between characters moves along swiftly making the story line easy to follow and engaging for even a reluctant listener. Even though the shot will still hurt for a little while, the story will make the event go much smoother.

I had the recent opportunity to interview the author of Nurse Vaccine, Justin Noble and I learned this is but one in a series of books planned on health related issues for little ones:

What made you want to write a children’s book?

Author: I’ve always had an interest in health and fitness.  One day I was in a store and I walked by a row of vitamins, and as I read the word vitamin I thought to myself, “it sounds like Vita-Men.” I thought “What if the Vita-Men were these little guys that lived in your body and protected you and kept your body energized?”  As the story built in my head, I realized — Hey, these would make great cartoon characters for kids.  From there, the idea for The Body Village was born and I wrote my first book, “Artie’s Party: Featuring the Vita-Men”.
You use body parts to present your story, where did that idea come from and how did you narrow them down for kids?

Author: I think personifying internal organs as the main characters in the story makes it easier for kids to relate to what’s going on inside of them.  Kids are able to form a relationship and identify with the characters on a personal level.  In turn, they form a healthy relationship with their bodies.  The stomach, to a kid, is just a stomach; a foreign object.  But if you make it “Steven Stomach”, he’s a friend.  If you are friends with your body, you are more likely to treat it well.In the first few books of the series, the characters are all main organs.  As the series continues to grow, many more characters from The Body will be introduced.
Who is your primary audience for your books? Who do you see finding your books most useful?

Author: The books in The Body Village series are written for young children (ages 2 to 7 years old) so they can understand how their bodies work on a fundamental level and also learn how to treat their bodies right from an early age.The book series is meant to be used by parents, teachers, doctors — anyone who has an interest in the future of our children and their health.
I see educators and scout leaders and health care professionals finding this ok and   incredibly useful, are there any additional support materials that go with these books? How would educators implement the content in conjunction with health units in the classroom?

Author: There are some activities on the web site, but I hope to have more posted soon.  As more books come out, I will continue to add more activities and fun learning tools to the web site.The books are meant to be a fun way to learn.  Not only do the books teach the basics of the body but they have fun stories as well.  Just by reading the books during story time children are entertained and, whether they realize it or not, they’ve learned something too.
What do you plan to write about next?

Author: The next book coming out is Steven The Upset Stomach.  It deals with eating too much junk food and getting sick.  I’m currently working on Betty The Overanxious Bladder.  That one’s about wetting the bed. There are many issues that face The Body Village and I’m tackling them one at a time.